CAM Users

Last updated: 2019-04-17 11:52:20


CAM users are identities you create in Tencent Cloud, and each CAM user is associated with only one Tencent Cloud account. The Tencent Cloud account you register is primary account. You can also create sub-accounts with custom permissions in User, which further assist you to work with your Tencent Cloud resources. There are 3 types of sub-account: sub-users, collaborators and message recipients.

Account Type Primary Account Sub-Account
Sub-User Collaborator Message Recipient
  • A primary account owns all the resources in Tencent Cloud and have the access to any of its resources.
  • It is not recommended to work with resources using the primary account. You should create sub-accounts and assign policies to them based on the principle of minimum weight, and then work with the cloud resources using the sub-accounts with limited permissions.
A sub-user is created by a primary account and is subordinate to the primary account. When a primary account is added as the collaborator of the current primary account, it becomes one of the sub-accounts of the current primary account. The account can be switched from collaborator back to primary account. A message recipient can only receive messages.
Console access -
Programmatic access -
Policy Authorization Owns all the policies by default. -
Message Notification