Authorization Guide

Last updated: 2020-02-25 16:09:52


Limit Access's scene

When you log in to the console to perform an operation on a Tencent Cloud Service, a message indicating that you have no permission to perform the operation on the resources may be displayed, as shown below:

This is because the sub-user or collaborator account with which you logged in to the console is not granted the relevant permissions. The root account needs to grant permissions for you to view the information or perform the operation.

Authorization step

  1. Confirm that you need to be awarded Permission.
    Permission, which you do not have, is indicated in the description of the failure message. As shown in the figure above, you do not have Permission of the DescribeInstances API under the product CVM (Cloud Virtual Machine), which prevents you from viewing the content on the page.

  2. Use the main account or the sub-user with the management Permission to grant the relevant Permission to the corresponding sub-user or collaborator.