Authorization Guide

Last updated: 2019-04-17 15:00:13


Restricted Access

When you log in to the console to perform an operation on a cloud product, you may receive a message indicating that you have no permission to perform such operation on the resources, as shown below:

This is because the sub-user or collaborator account with which you logged in to the console is not granted the relevant permissions. The primary account needs to grant permissions for you to view the information or perform the operation.

Authorization Steps

  1. Confirm the permissions to be granted.
    The error message shown above indicates that you are not authorized to access API LookupEvents in CloudAudit, so you cannot view the page.

  2. Authorize sub-users or collaborators through primary accounts or sub-accounts that have management permissions.

    1. Log in to the CAM console. On the Policy Management page, click Create Custom Policy -> Create by Policy Generator to grant permissions to a specific API, such as LookupEvents.
    2. On the policy management page, check the product's system policies and grant the preset policies to the sub-user, such as the preset CloudAudit-related policies in this example.