Running Remote Package

Last updated: 2020-10-28 11:19:35


    Batch allows you to acquire a code package from a .tgz file via HTTP. You can compress the code and upload it to COS. This helps you organize the code more conveniently than using LOCAL mode.


    Complete preparations based on the instructions in Preparation, and learn how to configure the general part of the custom information.


    Viewing the Demo

    Modify the general part of the custom information in based on the instructions in Preparation.

    Open the file in an editor.

    # custom (Change to your info)
    imageId = "img-m4q71qnf"
    Application = {
        "DeliveryForm": "PACKAGE",
        "Command": "python ./codepkg/",
        "PackagePath": ""
    StdoutRedirectPath = "your cos path"
    StderrRedirectPath = "your cos path"

    All information except Application in the general part is described in Preparation. Set the parameters of Application based on the following table.

    Configuration Item Description
    DeliveryForm Three delivery methods of applications are available: software packaging, container image, and direct running within the CVM. In this case, PACKAGE indicates software packaging.
    PackagePath Address of the .tgz software package in HTTP. Batch downloads the software package to a directory of the scheduled CVM and runs `Command` in the directory.
    Command Task startup command. In this case, a Python script file in the software package is directly called. You can download the package, and view the file structure and content in it. is composed as below:

    fib = lambda n:1 if n<=2 else fib(n-1)+fib(n-2)
    print("Remote Code Package : %d"%(fib(20)))

    Submitting a Job

    Run the following command to run the Python script.
    The demo encapsulates the job submission process by using Python scripts and the Batch command line tool.


    The returned result is as follows, indicating that the job is successfully submitted:

        "RequestId": "c09e9291-2661-xxxx-8783-72d36f91ec8a", 
        "JobId": "job-7xxxx26l"

    If the submit operation fails, check the returned value or Contact Us.

    Viewing State

    See Viewing State in Quick Start.

    Viewing the Result

    1. See Viewing the Result in Quick Start.
    2. The execution result of is as follows:
      Remote Code Package : 6765