How to create images usable by BatchCompute

Last updated: 2021-01-20 12:09:40


    BatchCompute relies on Cloud-init service to initialize Cloud Virtual Machines (CVM). For this reason, when BatchCompute is used, the image that is entered must already have Cloud-init installed and configured. Otherwise, the job executions and CVM creation in compute environments may fail.

    (Cloud-init provides the ability to customize the configuration of the CVM instance when it is first initialized.)

    To install and configure Cloud-init, follow the steps below:

    • New Linux CVM/custom images: all current versions of Tencent Cloud CentOS and Ubuntu public images support Cloud-init by default. When you create CVM instances and custom images from these public images, you do not need to manually install and configure Cloud-init.
    • Existing Linux CVM/custom images: for CVM instances or custom images created previously, you need to manually install Cloud-init as instructed in Installing cloud-init on Linux .
    • Windows: you must use an image from the Tencent Cloud Image Market to create a CVM instance or make a custom image.

    Common operating system images that already contain Cloud-init are as follows:

    • img-31tjrtph (CentOS 7.2 64-bit)
    • img-er9shcln (Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition 64-bit Chinese)
    • img-pyqx34y1 (Ubuntu Server 16.04.1 LTS 64-bit)