Last updated: 2019-07-08 20:38:12

Welcome to BatchCompute (Batch).
Batch Compute (Batch) is a distributed computing platform for massive amounts of batch jobs, offering cost-effective and easy-to-use computing service for enterprises and research institutes engaged in big data computing. Batch intelligently manages resource allocation and job execution for batch jobs of any size, allowing you to focus on analyzing and processing data. It is ideal for fields such as gene sequencing, medical analysis, scientific research, video rendering, financial big data and targeted advertising.

As a fully secure managed service, Batch enables developers, scientists and engineers to run batch computing jobs of any size. With Batch, you only need to provide the environment, commands and corresponding input and output data storage addresses required by computing job execution. It gets elastic resources from Tencent Cloud based on the workload and automatically schedules the job execution processes to complete high volumes of batch jobs. Further, it can reduce operational complexity and achieve time and cost savings, which not only enables developers, scientists and engineers to easily run batch jobs in Tencent Cloud, but also eliminates the need for companies and research institutions to spend huge amounts of money in building batch data centers.