API Category

Last updated: 2020-11-13 18:35:01

Configuration Viewing APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeAvailableCvmInstanceTypes Gets the information of CVM model configurations available to BatchCompute
DescribeCvmZoneInstanceConfigInfos Gets the model configuration information of the availability zone of BatchCompute
DescribeInstanceCategories Queries instance category information

Task Template APIs

API Name Feature
CreateTaskTemplate Creates a task template
DeleteTaskTemplates Deletes a task template
DescribeTaskTemplates Gets task templates
ModifyTaskTemplate Modifies a task template

Instance APIs

API Name Feature
DeleteJob Deletes instance
DescribeJob Views job details
DescribeJobSubmitInfo Gets instance submission information
DescribeJobs Views the list of instances
DescribeTask Queries task details
DescribeTaskLogs Gets task log details
RetryJobs Retries instances
SubmitJob Submits a instance
TerminateJob Terminates an instance
TerminateTaskInstance Terminates a task instance

Compute Environment APIs

API Name Feature
AttachInstances Adds instances to the compute environment
CreateComputeEnv Creates a compute environment
DeleteComputeEnv Deletes a compute environment
DescribeComputeEnv Gets compute environment details
DescribeComputeEnvActivities Views the information of activities in the compute environment
DescribeComputeEnvCreateInfo Views compute environment creation information
DescribeComputeEnvCreateInfos Views the list of compute environment creation information
DescribeComputeEnvs Gets the list of compute environments
DetachInstances Removing instances from the compute environment
ModifyComputeEnv Modifies compute environment
TerminateComputeNode Terminates a compute node
TerminateComputeNodes Terminates compute nodes in batches