Access Guide

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Thank you for using Tencent Cloud Game Multimedia Engine (GME) SDK. This document describes how to access GME SDK to allow easier GME access for developers.

To use GME, follow the five steps below:

  1. Create a GME service in Tencent Cloud's backend;
  2. Download the corresponding version of the client SDK;
  3. Port the SDK to the project by following the instructions in the API access document;
  4. View daily operational statistics in the backend;
  5. Troubleshoot and give feedback on the special problems during the access process;

Creating a Service

1. After successful login, click New Application.

2. Enter the corresponding information.

Enter the required information on this page and select the service you need.

  • The billing method varies for different sound quality options. For details, please see product prices or consult Tencent Cloud's sales team. The settings can be modified at any time.

  • For gaming applications, you need to select the appropriate platform/engine.

  • The settings for voice messaging and speech-to-text service can be modified at any time.

3. After the application is created successfully, it will be shown in the application management list.

The AppID in the list is used as a parameter when accessing the SDK for development.

4. In the application management list, click Settings on the row of an application to enter the settings page.

In the application information module, click Modify to modify the information as needed.

5. The authentication information for the application can be obtained in the authentication information module.

  • The permission key in this module is used as a parameter when accessing the SDK.

  • Change of the key on this page takes effect within 15 minutes to 1 hour. We do not recommend you change it frequently.

  • Only the account that creates the game, master account and global collaborators can reset the key.

  • For details on how to use authentication, see GME Engine Key Document.

6. Turn on/off businesses and services

You can turn on or off your businesses and services here.

Downloading the SDK

1. Download address

Please download the relevant demo and SDK in the SDK Download Guide.

2. Preparations for access

To access the SDK, you need to use the appid and related permission keys provided by Tencent Cloud, which are the AppID in the application management list and the authentication information module in the application settings.

For more information on platform-specific configurations, see the corresponding project configuration document.

3. Usage tips for the official demo

The demo has a Tencent cloud test account for functionality trial. If you need to use your personal or corporate test account, you need to replace the AppID of the Tencent Cloud test account in the corresponding interface of the demo with the AppID you obtain in the console and change the permission key of voice chat in the AVChatViewController-GetAuthBuffer function.

Usage Statistics in the Console

Operation Guide Document

Troubleshooting Special Problems

FAQs Error Codes