Last updated: 2019-11-19 14:19:54

    Comprehensive Application Scenarios

    In gaming, social networking, entertainment, live broadcasting, ecommerce, and other application scenarios, GME helps you meet common voice requirements such as in-game voice chat, voice chat room, live voice broadcasting, and online karaoke.

    Global Service Availability

    Backed by Tencent's 10-Gigabit cloud-based data centers and 20 BGP lines, GME delivers a stable and ultra-smooth gaming voice experience. In addition, it supports deployment in third-party data centers and covers regions hard to be reached by traditional cloud vendors such as the Middle East, South America, and Australia to make its services available globally.

    Professional Network Access

    GME reuses QQ's access deployment and scheduling policies to effectively solve the connectivity problem in weak network environments, achieving a connectivity rate of up to 99.995%.

    Superior Service Hosting Capacity

    GME hosts QQ's service capacity and can sustain hundreds of millions of online users. It ensures service security and reliability through real-time monitoring, remote disaster recovery, and intelligent scheduling.

    Ultra-low Integration Threshold

    GME provides a universal framework to meet diverse voice service requirements with no repeated integration needed.

    Complete and Comprehensive Features

    GME has many commonly used features for gaming scenarios, such as multi-person voice chat, real-time video chat, voice messaging, speech-to-text conversion, and voice analysis.