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Last updated: 2022-06-08 16:00:12

    GME has six major strengths:

    Strength 1. Wide Game Scenario Coverage

    To comprehensively meet diversified voice needs in gaming scenarios, GME provides a rich set of services such as voice chat, voice messaging, speech-to-text conversion, and voice moderation and analysis to implement voice-enabled team battling, voice commanding, and voice interactions. Its proprietary 3D voice technology is ideal for creating an immersive gaming experience in scenarios such as battle royale and VR games. Moreover, it makes gaming even more enjoyable with its amusing voice changing templates (like the voice of a middle-aged man, little girl, or cool woman) and vocal beautification feature.

    Strength 2. Ultimate Gaming Sound Effect Experience

    GME optimizes voice chat in depth based on use cases to reduce the end-to-end call latency to below 400 ms and ensure smooth communication even in weak network environments with over 70% packet loss and 1,500 ms network jitter. Its patented algorithms for echo and ambient sound cancellation as well as noise and howling suppression help restore the crystal clear sound effect of audio. Further, its deep integration with the Wwise audio engine ingeniously solves the problem where the background sound effects are lost when in-game voice is enabled. Plus, it supports acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) for the media volume to help players identify the positions and directions of other players through sound both on headphones and speakers.

    Strength 3. Multi-Terminal and Cross-Platform Compatibility

    As the voice development tool that makes the list of third-party development tools and middleware for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®️4, and PlayStation®️5, GME provides SDKs for consoles and is compatible with the latest versions of all console platforms. It features deep optimizations for UE, Unity, Cocos, and other major game engines, supports macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android systems, and is adapted to 20,000+ device models.

    Strength 4. Global Service

    GME is available in six continents globally, covering regions such as East Asia, South America, and Australia. Relying on its 2,800+ cache nodes deployed in more than 70 countries/regions, it enables nearby access to low-latency and non-lagging voice chat services. Its voice messaging and speech-to-text conversion features support 125 languages, implementing barrier-free communications among global players.

    Strength 5. High Stability and Reliability

    GME serves thousands of global customers in the gaming industry and sustains voice calls of 1 billion minutes everyday on average. It features real-time monitoring, remote disaster recovery, and smart scheduling to ensure stable and reliable services and reduce the crash rate to below 0.01%. In addition, its 24/7 customer service and SLA help achieve carefree business operations.

    Strength 6. Cost-Effective Access

    GME has a simple API design which allows you to integrate the voice chat capability through four lines of code. It offers demos and console trial for cost-effective access and better developer support.

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