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Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-07-07 11:52:26

    GME is suitable for many use cases, such as team battling, game commanding, and channel chat.

    Team Battling

    In esports games such as MOBA, FPS, and MMORPG, the battle conditions change rapidly and players in the same team need to communicate and discuss the defense strategies in real time accordingly. GME:

    • Provides a smooth voice chat service with ultra-low latency, allowing players to better communicate and enjoy the fun of gaming.
    • Offers unique 3D voice technology that brings a virtual stereo sense to players' voice and creates a 3D immersive gaming experience with better gameplay when used in battle royale games.

    Game Commanding

    Various types of gaming scenarios such as game commanding, team battles, and large live rooms require low voice latency. GME:

    • Features a commanding mode that enables players to automatically mic on/off in voice calls instantly with ultra-low latency, making it highly suitable for gaming voice scenarios with high numbers of concurrent players in commanding games.

    Channel Chat

    GME allows players to send voice messages in public/friend channels in games. GME supports:

    • Speech-to-Text conversion.
    • Direct recording of short voice messages for the recipients to download.
    • Audio conversion into 125 languages.


    GME helps implement complex gameplay scenarios such as voice control in the visible range and quick switch of player roles and talk directions in Werewolf games. GME:

    • Is well adapted to traditional Werewolf games and space Werewolf (Among Us) by providing various convenient features, including custom audio routing and millisecond-level multi-room switch.

    Draw Something

    The real-time speech-to-text conversion feature facilitates the implementation of innovative board games such as Draw Something and Say Something. GME can:

    • Call back the audio stream recognition results immediately to the client and server to help the game implement the business logic conveniently.
    • Improve the accuracy of keyword recognition by customizing the trending keyword dictionary.

    Real-Time Recording

    GME can record games in real time for highlight replay or content production. It:

    • Supports client-side recording and server-side recording.
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