Use Cases

Last updated: 2021-08-04 17:03:28

    Table Games

    The traditional role-playing table game, Werewolf, can now be played online. Players greet each other before they start, speak in turn during the game, and review the game after it ends. This interaction is made possible by real-time audio and video chats. GME provides real-time audio services that focus on picture clarity and sound quality. The services are specifically customized for table games to meet players' needs for audio interaction.


    In e-sports games, battle situations are constantly changing and players in the same camp need to share their strategies against the enemy in real time. GME makes this possible by implementing real-time in-game free voice chat that features ultra-low latency and prioritizes smoothness, allowing players to better communicate with each other and enjoy the battle games.

    Commander Games

    MMORPG is a typical example of commander games. Since these games involve squads, gangs, and many other playing modes, they have a higher requirement for voice latency. GME offers real-time automatic broadcasting joining/quitting and voice calls with ultra-low latency. These features can perfectly meet players' voice chat requirements during commander games even when a large number of players are online at the same time.