Project Configuration

Last updated: 2019-11-01 11:13:29



Thanks for using Tencent Cloud Game Multimedia Engine (GME) SDK. This document describes project configuration to help iOS developers debug and access GME APIs.

SDK Preparation

You can obtain the SDK by the following steps:

  1. Download applicable Demo and SDK from Download Instructions.

  2. Locate the SDK resource for iOS on the page.

  3. Click Download.

The SDK resource contains following items after decompression:

Name Description
GMESDK.framework Native iOS development resources
libGMESDK.a Unity iOS development resources

System Requirement

You can run the SDK on iOS 7.0 or later.


1. Import SDK file

Add the following dependent library to the Link Binary With Libraries of Xcode as needed, and set Framework Search Paths to point to the directory where the SDK resides, as shown below:

2. Add dependent libraries

See the figure below:

3. Disable Bitcode

Bitcode should be supported by all class libraries that the project depends on. Bitcode is not supported by the SDK, so it can be disabled.
To disable Bitcode, search Bitcode under Targets -> Build Settings and set the corresponding option to NO.
See the figure below:

4. Apply for permissions

Tencent Cloud Audio/Video Engine requires the following permissions on iOS:

key Description
Required background modes Allows running in the background (optional)
Microphone Usage Description Allows microphone permission

5. Configure HTTP access permission for voice message

You need to add the "Allow Arbitrary Loads" permisssion.