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Last updated: 2020-05-13 11:41:40

    Where can I download GME demos and SDKs?

    Please download the relevant demos and SDKs as instructed in Download Guide. Currently, there are demos for Unity, Cocos2d, native Android development, and native iOS development.

    How do I change the account after downloading the GME demo?

    • You need to get the SDKAppID and permission key from the console.
    • To use your own AppID, you need to change the key of voice chat in GetAuthBuffer in AVChatViewController.

    How can I experience the effect locally if there is only myself in the room?

    To experience the effect, use the demo on another device to enter the same room.

    What should I do if errinfo=priv map info error is displayed when I use the demo?

    There is an error in the relevant room entry parameters. Please check whether the SDKAppID and permission key have been replaced.

    How do I use a downloaded demo?

    Please see the demo user guide.

    How do I get logs?

    When providing logs, please also specify the time point when the problem occurred.
    The file named QAVSDK_date.log is the log file, which is in the following directories:

    OS Path
    Windows %appdata%\Tencent\GME\ProcessName
    iOS Application/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx/Documents
    Android /sdcard/Android/data/
    macOS /Users/username/Library/Containers/

    Why there is no Authbuffer file in the downloaded SDK documentation and demo?

    The Authbuffer file has been merged. Please search for it globally in the SDK.

    Is there a lib file for TEA encryption?

    We provide an Authbuffer compilation document and ZIP package.

    Do the SDKs for Cocos2d-x, native Android, and native iOS have different operation efficiency?

    They have no difference on the operation efficiency.

    What should I do if the screen goes black when I try to open an application after integrating the GME SDK and exporting an APK file?

    Some lib files may be missing. Please decompress the APK file and check whether all library files are present in each folder under lib.

    Does the SDK for iOS support debugging in a simulator?

    Yes. Please use the latest package from the official website for verification.

    What should I do if an error occurs during compilation when I try to export an executable file from Xcode after adding the GMESDK.framework library?

    Select "Build Setting" in the project file and check whether the "-all_load" flag is used in "Other Linker Flags"; and if yes, delete it and compile the project again.

    You are recommended to upgrade Unity. For more information, please see this thread in Unity's forums.
    If you have no upgrade needs, simply ignore the ARMv7 architecture during packaging.

    What should I do if the downloaded demo for iOS cannot run?

    After you download the official demo for iOS, if an error similar to "ld: warning: directory not found for option" occurs during compilation through Xcode (above v10), you need to manually add the GMESDK.framework file in the GME_SDK folder at the same level of the demo folder to the Framework list of the project.

    What should I do if an error occurs when I download the demo for Unity and export an executable file for PC?

    If an error similar to "Found plugins with same names and architectures" occurs, it is because that the GME SDK is available for both the x86 and x86_64 architectures by default. Please delete either SDK in the plugins folder.

    What should I do if another player (such as QQ Player) is required to play back accompaniment on the Windows client?

    Please call the related API as instructed in the document of player accompaniment for Windows. As accompaniment with a third-party player uses an advanced API, you need to submit a ticket for assistance and provide the tmg_adv_win.h header file.

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