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Last updated: 2021-03-29 16:06:59
    Scan the QR code below
    Scan the QR code below

    Demo for Unity on Android and iOS


    Enter your UserId, click Login, then you will see two buttons Voice Chat and Voice Message on the login interface.

    Voice chat

    1. After login, click Voice Chat to open a voice chat window.

    • RoomId: ID of a room. Users with the same room ID will enter the same room.
    • RoomType: controls the voice quality.
      • Fluency: offers smooth audio playback with ultra-low latency for team voice chat in game genres such as FPS and MOBA.
      • Standard: offers high sound quality and low latency for voice chat in casual games such as Werewolf and board games.
      • High Quality: offers ultra-high sound quality and high latency for music & dancing games and voice chat apps that may involve music playback or online karaoke.
    1. Click JoinRoom to enter a room:

    • Talking Members: specifies the members who are talking in the room. Their IDs will be displayed on the room screen.
    • Mic: ticking this box enables the microphone.
    • Speaker (Speak): ticking this box enables the speaker.
    • 3D Voice Effect: ticking this box enables the 3D voice effect, for which you should configure the following:
      • Range: specifies the distance range for receiving audio using the distance unit of your own game engine.
      • X: the audio position along the X axis.
      • Y: the audio position along the Y axis.
      • Z: the audio position along the Z axis.
      • XR: the degrees by which the audio rotates around the X axis.
      • YR: the degrees by which the audio rotates around the Y axis.
      • ZR: the degrees by which the audio rotates around the Z axis.
    • Voice Change: provides various change effects for you to choose from. For more information, see Real-time Sound Effect.

    Speech-to-text conversion

    After login, click Voice Message to enter the language setting page.

    • Language: specifies the language used in a voice message.
    • Audio: includes the recording and duration of a voice message. Click to play back the recording, and click it again to stop it.
    • Audio-to-Text: the text converted from a voice message. Click and hold Push To Talk to start recording a voice message, and release this button to finish it.

    Demo for 3D Voice Effect Experience on Windows


    • The demo should be run on Windows.
    • To run the demo, please use one device to open it in two windows, or use two devices under the same LAN network to open it respectively.
    • Please make sure that the computer headset and microphone are available.

    1. Download

    Download and then decompress the 3D Audio Demo.

    2. Run the demo

    Please double-click the executable file (GMEDemo.exe). You can use a device to open the demo in two windows at the same time.

    3. Initialize it

    For initialization, you need to enter the AppID and access key obtained from the Service Management page in the GME console first. To access GME service, please see Access Guide. appId refers to the AppID in the console, and authKey refers to the access key in the console.


    • Please prevent your AppID and access key from leakage.
    • The userId used in two windows should be different.

    Finally, click Initialize -> Voice Chat.

    4. Enter a voice chat room

    Please enter a room ID and then click JoinRoom. If you have opened the demo in another window, please enter the same room ID to enter the same voice chat room.

    5. Game interface introduction

    Please see the interface details below:

    • Exit : clicking it to back to the voice room selection page.
    • Microphone on/off : the microphone is disabled by default. You need to enable it for communication.
    • Help : clicking it to see the user guide.
    • Accompaniment on : clicking it to play back the accompaniment.
    • Logs at the bottom-right corner: displays the information of the users entering and exiting the room.
    • Local connection buttons at the top-left corner: they need to be configured before a game can be started.

    6. Local connection

    To run the demo, the local LAN network connection should have been successfully configured first.

    • The first room member:
      The person who entered a room first is adopted as the host of the network connection. Therefore, the first member should click LAN Host (H) and then the member avatar will appear next to the coin.

    • Other room members:
      People entered the room later should connect with the host. Therefore, they need to click LAN Client (C) and then their avatars will appear next to the coin, and they can see the first member.

    7. Enable the microphone

    Click to enable the microphone and speak to other members.

    8. Manipulate the avatar

    After successfully connected, you can see other avatars. You can also press the keys W, S, A, and D to manipulate the avatar to go forward, backward, left, and right, and move your mouse to change the visual angle.

    9. Experience

    If you use one device to open the demo in two windows, you can move the visual angle of an avatar to the coin, enable the microphone of another avatar, manipulate the avatar to run away, and keep speaking to test the 3D voice effect. If you run to the map edge, the sound will be decreased to nearly none.