Collection Methods

Last updated: 2020-08-21 15:56:56

    Collection Methods

    CLS provides multiple methods for data collection:

    Collection method Description
    Collect logs via API You can upload structured logs to CLS by calling CLS API. For more information, see Uploading Structured Logs.
    Collect logs via SDK Collecting via SDK is not supported at this time.
    Collect logs via LogListener client LogListener is a log collection client provided by CLS. You can quickly access CLS by simply configuring LogListener on the console. For more information, see LogListener Use Process.

    A comparison of the collection methods is as follows:

    Category name Collection by LogListener Collection via API
    Code modification Provides a non-intrusive collection method for applications, without code modification. Reports logs only after modifying application code.
    Resumable upload Supports resumable upload of logs. Automatically implemented by code.
    Retransmission upon failure Provides an inherent retry mechanism. Automatically implemented by code.
    Local cache Supports local cache, ensuring data integrity during peak hours. Automatically implemented by code.
    Resource occupation Occupies resources such as memory and CPU. Occupies no additional resources.

    Accessing Log Sources

    You can access different log sources in different ways. For more information, see the following tables:

    Log source category

    Log source category Recommended access method
    Direct program output API
    Local log file LogListener

    Log source environment

    System environment Recommended access method
    Linux/Unix LogListener
    Windows API (Currently, LogListener does not support Windows.)
    iOS/Android API (Currently, no iOS/Android SDK is available.)

    Cloud product logs

    Cloud product name Recommended access method
    CVM LogListener
    TKE Console
    CDN Console
    CLB Console
    SCF Console
    LVB Console
    FL Console
    TI-ONE Console
    MGOBE Console