Available Regions

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    You can create logsets and log topics in different regions when using CLS. Regions refer to the geographical areas of physical IDCs. Networks are completely isolated between regions. You can select the nearest region based on your business scenario and target users’ geographical location to reduce log access latency and improve access speed.

    Available regions and their abbreviations

    Region Abbreviation Private Domain Name Public Domain Name
    Beijing ap-beijing ap-beijing.cls.tencentyun.com ap-beijing.cls.tencentcs.com
    Guangzhou ap-guangzhou ap-guangzhou.cls.tencentyun.com ap-guangzhou.cls.tencentcs.com
    Shanghai ap-shanghai ap-shanghai.cls.tencentyun.com ap-shanghai.cls.tencentcs.com
    Chengdu ap-chengdu ap-chengdu.cls.tencentyun.com ap-chengdu.cls.tencentcs.com
    Nanjing ap-nanjing ap-nanjing.cls.tencentyun.com ap-nanjing.cls.tencentcs.com
    Chongqing ap-chongqing ap-chongqing.cls.tencentyun.com ap-chongqing.cls.tencentcs.com
    Hong Kong (China) ap-hongkong ap-hongkong.cls.tencentyun.com ap-hongkong.cls.tencentcs.com
    Silicon Valley na-siliconvalley na-siliconvalley.cls.tencentyun.com na-siliconvalley.cls.tencentcs.com
    Ashburn na-ashburn na-ashburn.cls.tencentyun.com na-ashburn.cls.tencentcs.com
    Singapore ap-singapore ap-singapore.cls.tencentyun.com ap-singapore.cls.tencentcs.com
    Mumbai ap-mumbai ap-mumbai.cls.tencentyun.com ap-mumbai.cls.tencentcs.com
    Frankfurt eu-frankfurt eu-frankfurt.cls.tencentyun.com eu-frankfurt.cls.tencentcs.com
    Tokyo ap-tokyo ap-tokyo.cls.tencentyun.com ap-tokyo.cls.tencentcs.com
    Seoul ap-seoul ap-seoul.cls.tencentyun.com ap-seoul.cls.tencentcs.com


    1. If another Tencent Cloud product is integrated with CLS, try to select a logset in the same region as the product. Tencent Cloud products in the same region can access each other over the private network, which effectively reduces latency and improves access speed.
    2. The classic network cannot access CLS over private network.

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