Action List

Last updated: 2019-11-18 19:03:58


The following table describes actions for which permissions can be granted in CAM.

Action Description
listTopic Lists the log topic list in the specific logset
getTopic Views log topic information
createTopic Creates a log topic
modifyTopic Modifies a log topic
deleteTopic Deletes a log topic
listLogset Lists the logset list.
getLogset Views logset information
createLogset Creates a logset
modifyLogset Modifies a logset
deleteLogset Deletes a logset
listMachineGroup Lists the server group list
getMachineGroup Views server group information
createMachineGroup Creates a server group
modifyMachineGroup Modifies a server group
deleteMachineGroup Deletes a server group
getMachineStatus Views the server group status
pushLog Uploads a log
searchLog Queries a log
downloadLog Downloads a log
getCursor Obtains the cursor based on the time
getIndex Views an index
createIndex Creates an index
modifyIndex Modifies an index
listShipper Lists the shipping configuration list of log topics
createShipper Creates shipping configuration
modifyShipper Modifies shipping configuration
deleteShipper Deletes shipping configuration
listShipperTask Lists the shipping task list
modifyShipperTask Retries the failed shipping tasks