Action List

Last updated: 2021-07-19 14:43:51

You can perform the following actions on CLS resources through the CAM console:

Action Description
listTopic Lists the log topics in the specific logset
getTopic Views log topic information
createTopic Creates a log topic
modifyTopic Modifies a log topic
deleteTopic Deletes a log topic
listLogset Lists logsets
getLogset Views logset information
createLogset Creates a logset
modifyLogset Modifies a logset
deleteLogset Deletes a logset
listMachineGroup Lists server groups
getMachineGroup Views server group information
createMachineGroup Creates a server group
modifyMachineGroup Modifies a server group
deleteMachineGroup Deletes a server group
getMachineStatus Views the server group status
pushLog Uploads a log
searchLog Queries logs
downloadLog Downloads logs
getCursor Obtains a cursor based on time
getIndex Views an index
modifyIndex Modifies indexes
listShipper Lists the shipping configuration of log topics
createShipper Creates shipping configuration
modifyShipper Modifies shipping configuration
deleteShipper Deletes shipping configuration
listShipperTask Lists shipping tasks
modifyShipperTask Retries the failed shipping task
consumerGroupHeartBeat User group heartbeat
createConsumerGroup Creates a user group
getConsumerGroupCursor Gets a user group cursor
pullLogs Consumption data
updatePartition Splits/merges topic partitions
deleteConsumerGroup Deletes a user group
modifyConsumerGroup Modifies a user group
listConsumerGroup Gets a list of user groups
modifyConsumerGroupCursor Modifies a user group cursor
listPartitions Gets a list of topic partitions
CreateChart Creates a chart
ModifyChart Modifies a chart
DeleteChart Deletes a chart
GetChart Gets chart information
ListChart Gets a list of charts
CreateDashboard Creates a dashboard
ModifyDashboard Modifies a dashboard
DeleteDashboard Deletes a dashboard
ListDashboard Gets a list of dashboards
GetDashboard Gets dashboard information
GetHistogram Gets the distribution chart of log count
GetFastAnalysis Gets the fast analysis result
GetAccount Gets user status from the CLS console
GetResource Gets data from the overview page of the CLS console
ListAlarm Gets the list of monitoring alarm policies
GetAlarm Gets the information of the monitoring alarm policy list
GetAlarmLog Gets the information of the monitoring alarm logs
GetDeliverFunction Gets the information of the transfer function
DeleteAlarm Deletes a monitoring alarm policy
SwitchAlarm Enables/disables monitoring alarm
ModifyAlarm Modifies a monitoring alarm task