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Configuring the Time Format

Last updated: 2022-03-03 11:56:41

    CLS requires a time attribute for each log so that the system can manage the data by the time dimension. When logs are collected using LogListener, the time attribute can be configured using two methods:

    • Default method: use LogListener collection time as the time attribute.
    • Custom method: use a time field in the log content as the time attribute. In this method, you need to configure a time parsing format.

    The time precision of LogListener collection is millisecond. Therefore, the time parsing format needs to be accurate to milliseconds. If the time specified in the required format is less than 1 millisecond, 0 is automatically filled in.

    About Parsing Formats

    Parameter Format Description Example
    %a Abbreviation for a weekday Fri
    %A Full name for a weekday Friday
    %b Abbreviation for a month Jan
    %B Full name for a month January
    %d A day of a month (01 to 31) 31
    %h Abbreviation for a month, same as %b Jan
    %H An hour in the 24-hour system (00 to 23) 22
    %I An hour in the 12-hour system (01 to 12) 11
    %m Month (01 to 12), with 01 indicating January 08
    %M Minute (00 to 59), with 01 indicating one minute 59
    %n Line break Line break
    %p Morning (AM) or afternoon (PM) AM/PM
    %r Specific 12-hour combined time format, equivalent to %I:%M:%S %p 11:59:59 AM
    %R Specific 24-hour combined time format, equivalent to %H:%M 23:59
    %S Second (00 to 59) 59
    %f Millisecond 0.123
    %t Tab Tab
    %y Year, without the century (00 to 99) 19
    %Y Year, with the century, with 2018 indicating the year of 2018 2019
    %C Century (obtained by dividing the year by 100, ranging from 00 to 99) 20
    %e A day of a month (01 to 31) 31
    %j A day of a year (001 to 366) 365
    %u Weekday represented by a digit (1 to 7), with 1 indicating Monday and 7 indicating Sunday 1
    %U A week of a year (00 to 53), with the weeks starting from Sunday, that is, the first Sunday as the first day of the first week 23
    %w Weekday represented by a digit (0 to 6), with 0 indicating Sunday and 6 indicating Saturday 5
    %W A week of a year (00 to 53), with the weeks starting from Monday, that is, the first Monday as the first day of the first week 23
    %s Second-level (10-digit) UNIX timestamp 1571394459
    %F Millisecond-level (13-bit) UNIX timestamp 1571394459123

    Configuration Samples

    Time Indication Sample Time Extraction Format
    2018-07-16 13:12:57.123 %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%f
    [2018-07-16 13:12:57.012] [%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%f]
    06/Aug/2019 12:12:19 +0800 %d/%b/%Y %H:%M:%S
    Monday, 02-Oct-19 16:07:05 MST %A, %d-%b-%y %H:%M:%S
    1571394459 %s
    1571394459123 %F
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