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Granting a Sub-account Full Permissions for CLS Resources

Last updated: 2020-09-15 11:42:15

    The sub-account Developer of the master account CompanyExample needs to have full permissions for all CLS resources (including logset, log topic, server group, etc.) under CompanyExample via the console and API. For example, the sub-account can operate log collection, search and analysis, dashboard, and alarm, etc.


    1. Log in to the CAM Console and create the sub-account Developer. For more information, see Creating a Custom Sub-user.
    2. Click Custom Create on the Create User page to select Access Resources and Receive Messages for User Type.
    3. Click Next to configure user information. Check Programming access and Tencent Cloud console access.


    You need to perform 3 steps: use master account CompanyExample to create a custom policy (the policy is used to configure bucket list for shipping logs to COS, and configure Ckafka instance and topic list for shipping logs to Ckafka. Skip this step if you do not need the log shipping feature), grant the sub-account Developer permissions, and then access CLS services using sub-account Developer.

    1. Create a custom policy (required for shipping logs to COS and Ckafka; otherwise skip to Step 2).
      1. Log in to the CAM Console using master account CompanyExample.
      2. Click Policies on the left sidebar to enter the Policy page. Click Create Custom Policy -> Create by Policy Syntax, check Blank Template for Select Policy Template, and click Next. Enter the policy name such as CLSListCosCKafka, and paste the following content in Policy Content.
        "version": "2.0",
        "statement": [
              "effect": "allow",
              "action": [
             "resource": "*"
    1. Authorize by the master account

      1. Log in to the CAM Console using master account CompanyExample.
      2. Click Users -> User List on the left sidebar to enter the User List Page. Locate the sub-account and click Authorize. On the Associate Policy page, select and associate QcloudCLSFullAccess and the policy CLSListCosCKafka created in Step 1, and click Done.
    2. Access by the sub-account
      The sub-account Developer can access CLS services via both the console and API. To make API calls, you need to provide UIN of master account CompanyExample, together with SecretId and SecretKey of sub-account Developer. See Access Key for sub-account API key.

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