Cost Effectiveness

Last updated: 2021-01-29 11:23:03

    Tencent Cloud Log Service (CLS) allows you to save about 84% on your budget compared with the self-built logging system (for example, ELK) of Elasticsearch Service. A detailed comparison is given herein.

    Cost Comparison

    The following table compares the costs with an assumption that 100 million pieces of 100-byte logs are generated per day, all logs need to be stored for 15 days, and the peak QPS is 4,000:

    Product List Price Description
    CLS 38 USD/month
  • Write traffic: 0.074 USD/day
  • Index traffic: 0.694 USD/day
  • Log storage: 0.084 USD/day
  • Index storage: 0.403 USD/day
  • Service request: 0.003 USD/day
  • Topic partition tenant: 0.014 USD/day
    For more information, please see the Billing Example section in Billing Overview.
  • Self-built logging system of the Elasticsearch Service 244 USD/month
  • Node model: 125 USD/month
  • Node storage: 119 USD/month
  • Billing Description

    Elasticsearch involves the following fees:

    Node model fees

    125 USD/month (assume that you purchased the ES.S1.MEDIUM8 model with a 2-core CPU and 4 GB memory for the three nodes)

    Node storage fees

    • According to the Elasticsearch Service documentation, using 1 replica improves data reliability, and reserving 50% of the storage capacity maintains service stability. In this case, the actual storage will be as follows:
    • Actual capacity:
      Storage capacity = Source data × (1 + Number of replicas) × 1.45 × (1 + reserved capacity) ​≈ Source data × (1 + Number of replicas) × 2.2 = 614.46 GB
      If you use a 210 GB SSD for each node, the three nodes will cost 119 USD per month.


      For more information about cluster configurations, please see Evaluation of Cluster Specification and Capacity Configuration.