Last updated: 2021-01-19 17:53:49

    The SELECT statement is used to select data from a table.

    SELECT Syntax Format

    SELECT column (KEY)


    SELECT *


    SQL statements are case insensitive, so SELECT is equivalent to select.

    SELECT Syntax Sample

    Select values whose columns (KEY) are remote_addr and method from the log data. The columns should be separated by comma:

    SELECT remote_addr, method 

    Select all columns (KEY) from the log data:

    SELECT *

    SELECT can also be followed by arithmetic expressions; for example, you can query the download speed of log data:

    Download speed (speed) = total number of bytes sent (body_bytes_sent) / request time (request_time)

    SELECT body_bytes_sent / request_time AS speed


    When logs are searched, a search statement is used; when logs are analyzed, an analysis statement is used. The backend distinguishes between them by whether the input query statement starts with the SELECT keyword:

    • If a query statement starts with SELECT, such as SELECT method, request_size GROUP BY method, then it is considered an SQL analysis statement.
    • If a query statement does not start with SELECT, such as method:GET, then it is considered a search statement.