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Granting a Sub-account Permissions to Collect Logs for a CLS Log Topic

Last updated: 2021-01-08 11:19:10

    There is a sub-account "Developer" under the corporate account "CompanyExample". This sub-account needs to have the permission to collect and upload logs to CLS log topic "TopicA" under "CompanyExample" through the console and API, including using LogListener and API for collection.


    1. Log in to the CAM console and create the sub-account "Developer". For detailed directions, please see Creating a Custom Sub-user.
    2. On the Create User page, click Custom Create to enter the user type selection page and click Access Resources and Receive Messages.
    3. Click Next to enter the user information page and select Programming access and Tencent Cloud console access.


    This process is divided into three steps: the root account "CompanyExample" creates a custom policy, the root account grants preset permissions to the sub-account "Developer", and the sub-account accesses the CLS service.

    1. Create a custom policy

      1. Log in to the CAM console as the root account "CompanyExample".
      2. On the left sidebar, select Polices > Create Custom Policy > Create by Policy Syntax > Blank Template to create a policy named "CLS-TopicA-Pushlog". Then, enter the specific policy content in Policy Content as shown below:
        "version": "2.0",
        "statement": [
              "action": [
              "resource": "qcs::cls:ap-guangzhou:uin/100004375281:topic/002dbab1-fcf2-4ca7-b602-fda10d5e1731",
              "effect": "allow"
              "effect": "allow",
              "action": [
              "resource": "*"


        The resource field should be modified based on your real information, including region, uin (root account), and topic (log topic ID).

        • Region: go to Available Regions to get the region information.
        • uin: enter the account ID, which can be obtained in the Account Center.
        • topic: enter the log topic ID, which can be obtained from the logset page by going to CLS > Logset Management and clicking the corresponding logset.
    2. Grant permissions with the root account

      1. Log in to the CAM console as the root account "CompanyExample".
      2. On the left sidebar, click Users > User List > Authorize. Search for the policy "CLS-TopicA-Pushlog" created in step 1 on the Associate Policy page, select and associate it, and click Confirm.
    3. Access as the sub-account
      The sub-account "Developer" can access the CLS service by logging in to the console or calling APIs. It should be noted that the uin of the root account "CompanyExample" and the SecretId and SecretKey` of the sub-account "Developer" are required for API calls. For more information on the API key of the sub-account, please see Access Key.

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