Release Notes

Last updated: 2022-01-14 16:20:42

    September 2021

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Kafka real-time consumptionThe Kafka consumption capability is now available in CLS. You can use the Kafka real-time consumption feature to export log data to specified applications efficiently and conveniently.2021-09-17Kafka Real-time Consumption

    August 2021

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Brand-new monitoring alarm features Updated features:
    • Added custom alarm content templates
    • Added the custom multi-dimensional analysis feature
    • Added mobile alarm channels such as WeChat and WeCom
    • Added the feature of reporting alarms within 1 minute when exceptions occur
    2021-08-22Monitoring Alarm Overview
    Offline log solution in beta testingAdopted the low-cost offline log storage solution to search and store massive infrequently accessed logs, requiring a total cost 80% lower than that of real-time log storage. The solution is now available in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, and Hong Kong, China.2021-08-18Offline Storage Overview
    Release of over 200 analytic functionsReleased over 200 SQL analytic functions in all regions to meet log data aggregate analysis in various scenarios to enhance CLS's data visualization capability.2021-08-12Analytic Function
    Log parsing based on custom formatsAdded the LogListener advanced data processing feature to allow users to parse log files based on custom formats to implement the collection of logs in complex formats.2021-08-06Custom Format

    July 2021

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Full/Incremental collection policiesAdded the feature to allow users to configure whether to use full or incremental log collection via LogListener, meeting users' requirement for shipping only new log data and significantly reducing users' write traffic costs.2021-07-22Full/Incremental Collection Policy
    Optimized search error messagesStandardized error messages for higher readability of the search error information.2021-07-15Search Analysis Error
    Chinese text segmentationAdded the Chinese text segmentation feature to segment logs containing Chinese characters based on the Chinese syntax to facilitate log search.2021-07-08Chinese Text Segmentation

    June 2021

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Deploying LogListener instances on CVM instances in batchesAdded the feature to allow users to deploy LogListener instances on CVM instances in batches for CVM log collection. With the feature, users do not need to manually install LogListener configuration anymore.2021-06-24-
    Map, Sankey, and other chart features releasedAdded the support for more data visualization charts, including bar charts, column charts, maps, and Sankey diagrams.2021-06-18-
    Search statement syntax error correction promptsAdded search syntax error prompts for the correction of Lucene syntax errors and spelling errors in index statistics fields, effectively improving the accuracy and efficiency of users' search analysis statements.2021-06-15-

    May 2021

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Dashboard 2.0 releaseReleased dashboard 2.0 UI: enhanced visualization and optimized the dashboard style.2021-05-31-
    LogListener download over a private networkAdded the support for users to download the LogListener installation package via a private network address in different regions, avoiding security risks caused by connecting to a public network.2021-05-27LogListener Installation Guide
    Log topic traffic statisticsAdded the feature of monitoring the traffic statistics of a single log topic, allowing users to view the traffic dynamics of a log topic.2021-05-20-
    Collection configuration importAdded the feature of importing existing log topic rules with a few clicks, improving log data access efficiency.2021-05-17Importing LogListener Collection Configuration

    April 2021

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    LogListener service log feature releaseAdded the support for LogListener service logs. These logs record LogListener running status and collection monitoring log data. The logs are presented in a visualized view to provide important metric data.2021-04-26LogListener Service Logs

    March 2021

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Uploading parsing-failure logsAdded the support for uploading parsing-failure logs, using `LogParseFailure` as the key name (`Key`) and the raw log content as the key value (`Value`).2021-03-26-
    CLS newly available in Moscow and ThailandCLS is now available in Moscow in Europe and Bangkok in Asia Pacific.2021-03-20Available Regions

    February 2021

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    LogListener auto upgradeUsers can set a time period for agent auto upgrade or select specific machines to upgrade manually.2021-02-27LogListener Upgrade Guide
    Millisecond-precision loggingLogListener supports millisecond-precision timestamps for log collection. After time-based log collection is enabled, LogListener uploads logs with millisecond-precision UNIX timestamps.2021-02-20-
    Downloading millions of logsCLS allows users to download up to millions of logs. Users can specify the quantity of logs they want to export by setting search criteria and time range. Logs can be exported in two formats: CSV and JSON. 2021-02-14Log Download
    Context search
    • Added the feature for locating the current log, allowing users to quickly locate a target log and scroll to view the log context.
    • Added the feature to highlight a number of strings, quickly marking the keywords that users use to search.
    • Added the filter condition feature to allow users to quickly locate the log where a target character string resides.
    2021-02-06Context Search and Analysis

    December 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Monitoring Alarm 2.0 releaseCLS allows users to set alarm policies for log topics. When query and analysis results meet the trigger conditions specified, the users can receive alarm notifications and they can monitor the log data in real time. 2020-12-15Monitoring Alarm Overview
    CLS connection to GrafanaCLS can be connected to Grafana to export CLS's raw log data and SQL aggregate analysis results for display in Grafana. Users can experience the feature at Grafana_demo.2020-12-15CLS Connection to Grafana
    Extracting multi-line logs with regexAdded the extraction mode of **Multiple lines - full regex** to LogListener collection configuration rules for log collection.2020-12-15Full Regular Format (Multi-Line)
    Search Page 2.0 release
    • The time component supports millisecond precision and users can input a custom time quickly, improving query efficiency.
    • Added the "original layout and table layout" and "whether to turn on line break" features to log data display, enabling flexible switching.
    • Added preference settings to allow users to customize the number of logs for loading and the number of historical records, meeting diversified data browsing needs.

    November 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    SQL statistical analysis fully availableCLS provides the SQL statistical analysis feature to help users aggregate and analyze log data and display the analysis results in charts. 2020-11-24Log Analysis Overview
    Shipping to SCFCLS supports shipping data of log topics to SCF via the CLS's log trigger to meet log data ETL requirements. 2020-11-20Function Processing Overview
    CLS working with TKE (event and audit center)CLS and TKE jointly released the cluster audit and event log center, which allows users to view audit logs and cluster events in real time through visual charts, improving the efficiency of container cluster OPS with ease. 2020-11-03Cluster Audit

    October 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Automatically splitting topic partitionsAfter the auto-split feature is enabled, CLS will automatically split a topic partition into a reasonable number of partitions based on the actual write situation if the topic partition continues to reach the corresponding write request or write traffic threshold.2020-10-25Splitting Topic Partition
    Quick Field Analysis 2.0Rebuilt version of quick field analysis:
    • Users can view field statistics results more conveniently and quickly.
    • Users can quickly modify and save display fields.
    • Users can quickly change the display order of fields by dragging and dropping fields.

    September 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    CLS newly available in Taipei and SeoulCLS is now available in Taipei and Seoul.2020-09-27Available Regions
    Search page supporting layout configurationThe search page provides access for LogListener collection configuration and index configuration. It allows users to quickly view server group status and index field information.2020-09-24-
    Full support for Lucene syntaxCLS fully supports Lucene syntax search.2020-09-18Syntax and Rules
    Release of free tiersAfter the CLS service is commercialized, Tencent Cloud still provides a certain free tier for all users in each region.2020-09-12Free Tier