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Custom Callback API Variables

Last updated: 2022-03-08 11:46:13

    When you configure a custom callback API, you can insert system variables to the API. The system automatically parses the variables when alarms are sent. The following is a list of variables that are applicable to custom callback APIs. For more information, please see Receiving Alarm Notifications via Custom Callback APIs and Configuring Alarm Policy.


    The following variables are applicable only to custom callback APIs. For more information about the custom notification content of alarm policies, please see Notification Content Variables.

    Variable List

    Variable Description Variable Value Example
    {{.UIN}} User account 10000753XX27
    {{.User}} Username XX enterprise
    {{.Region}} Region Guangzhou
    {{.AlarmName}} Alarm policy name XX policy
    {{.AlarmID}} Alarm policy ID alarm-74495f68-24ba-4b42-a8c1-61460721xxxx
    {{.LogsetName}} Logset name XX logset
    {{.LogsetID}} Logset ID 1c012db7-2cfd-4418-bb7b-7342c7a4xxxx
    {{.TopicID}} Log topic ID 380fe1f1-0c7b-4b0d-9d70-d514959dxxxx
    {{.Condition}} Trigger condition $1.success_counts < 100
    {{.Query}} Monitoring statement code:200 | select count(*) as success_counts
    {{.StartTime}} Time when the alarm is triggered for the first time 2021-09-22 11:40:51
    {{.TriggerTime}} Trigger time 2021-09-22 11:31:51
    {{.ConsecutiveAlertNums}} Number of consecutive alarms 2
    {{.Duration}} Alarm duration (minutes) 0
    {{.TriggerParams}} Alarm trigger parameters $1.success_counts=15;
    {{.CustomizeMessage}} Custom alarm notification content -
    {{.NotifyType}} Alarm notification type. 1: alarm notification; 2: alarm clearing notification 1


    Custom API callback configuration:

    Request header: Content-Type: application/json

    Request content:

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