DNS Hijacking Detection

Last updated: 2020-02-25 14:48:21


Feature Overview

The DNS hijacking detection feature can detect whether a domain name is hijacked and can monitor the hijacking area distribution, the number of hijacked users and the hijacked IP address in real time.

Configuration samples

Preventing home page from being tempered

  1. Log in to the Web Application Firewall Console .
    in Left sidebar, select "Web Security Detection"-> "DNS hijacking Detection", go to the DNS hijacking detection page, and click "basic Settings".
  2. Click "add Domain name", and the domain name information Enter window pops up. Enter the domain name to be tested and the authoritative IP address corresponding to the domain name, and click add. If you have more than one authoritative IP address, click [+ add a line] to add it.
  3. After DNS hijacking detection is configured successfully, the relevant domain name records are shown on the basic configuration page.
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