CC Protection Settings

Last updated: 2018-06-08 18:31:50



The CC defense feature supports frequency control and man-machine identification on the accesses to specific URLs by public network users to block malicious high-frequency accesses.

Configuration Example

In the configuration example, when the number of accesses to /test.html from a single source IP within 10 seconds is greater than 10, the malicious access punishment function blocks the source IP for 30 minutes.

  1. Enter the WAF Console, click Defense Settings, and click the domain name of the site to be protected, and then click CC Defense Settings tab to go to the malicious access penalty configuration interface. CC Defense Settings
  2. Click Add a Rule, enter the rule name in the rule name input box, select the matching condition (equal to), enter specific URI (/test.html), select access frequency (10 times within 10 seconds), and select "Block access" in Action (or "Verify identity", which uses a certain algorithm to perform verification. If the verification fails, it will automatically block access), and then enter 30 minutes in Punishment Period.
    CC Defense Settings
  3. Click Add to save the rule, and then the rule takes effect to punish malicious access activities.
    CC Defense Settings

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