Purchase Guide

Last updated: 2020-06-04 10:44:10

    Web Application Firewall (WAF) Billing

    Billing method

    Pay-as-you-go with a daily billing cycle

    Billing formula

    Daily bill = Daily peak QPS x QPS rates

    Tiered pricing


    (1) Daily peak QPS

    Daily peak QPS is based on data between 00:00:00 and 23:59:59 in one day. Website QPS is the total number of requests per second for your domain received by the WAF. Counting starts once domain name is configured.

    (2) QPS rates

    See below for tiered QPS rates:

    If peak QPS is between 5-50 (number less than 5 will be counted as 5), per QPS rate is 0.2 USD/day.
    If peak QPS is between 50-200, per QPS rate is 0.18 USD/day.
    If peak QPS is between 200-1,000, per QPS rate is 0.15 USD/day.
    If peak QPS is greater than 1,000, per QPS rate is 0.12 USD/day.

    Tiered Price Table:

    Peak QPS QPS Rates
    < 5 QPS 0.2 USD/day
    5-50 QPS 0.2 USD/day
    50-200 QPS 0.18 USD/day
    200-1000 QPS 0.15 USD/day
    > 1000 QPS 0.12 USD/day

    For example, if the website peak QPS today is 15, today's bill will be 15 x 0.2=3 USD.

    WAF service will be suspended one day after your account falls into arrears, and WAF resources will be repossessed after 7 days. You can pay off the outstanding fees before repossession to resume service.

    This pricing document is for reference only. See your bill for the actual price.