Last updated: 2020-05-12 17:07:32

    Government website protection

    WAF can be accessed with one click, and configured with ease. It can hide and protect origin servers, and prevent the website content from being stolen and tampered by hackers, ensuring correct website information, availability of government services, and satisfied and smooth public access.

    E-commerce website protection

    • WAF provides continuous optimization of protection rules, precise blocking of Web attacks, and all-round protection against OWASP Top 10 Web application risks.
    • In case of highly concurrent purchases, it can intelligently filter malicious attacks and junk access to ensure smooth access to businesses.

    Financial website protection

    • WAF can be accessed with one click, and integrates with the large-traffic DDoS defense, and also provides web security protection.
    • WAF can effectively monitor DNS linkage hijacking to avoid malicious directing of website traffic.
    • WAF can effectively detect exceptional access like account credential enumeration attack to avoid user information leakage.
    • With cloud resources and automatic scaling capability, WAF can easily deal with sudden business growth and large-traffic CC attacks.

    Data leakage prevention

    • WAF can avoid website core data leakage caused by hacker injection and intrusion attacks.
    • CC attack protection: protection against malicious CC (HTTPFlood) attacks. WAF can ensure website availability by blocking massive malicious requests on layer 4 and layer 7.