Region Blocking

Last updated: 2020-02-25 14:42:01


Feature Overview

The regional blocking function can block the blacklist of overseas countries and regions as well as major provinces and regions of China, and block all sources of Access in the region.


  1. Web App Firewall has been purchased by default. Log in Web Application Firewall console In Left sidebar, select "Web Application Firewall"-> "Protection Settings", go to the protection settings page, and click the domain name to be protected.
  2. On the protection settings page, click basic Settings, and click Edit in the lower right corner of the region blocked area to enter the region blocking configuration page.
  3. On the banned region setting page, check the domestic region to be banned. Foreign regions can be searched or click the drop-down list to select. Click "OK" when the selection is completed.
  4. After editing, turn on the blocking status of the region.
  5. At this time, you choose to ban the area, you will not be able to Access your website. In this article, after all foreign areas are listed as prohibited areas, protect the website with overseas IP address Access, Web application firewall will remind you that you have been Tencent Cloud Web application firewall Block.

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