Region Blocking

Last updated: 2020-07-30 11:18:36


    You can add regions to the blocklist to block all access sources from the specific regions.


    1. Assume that you have purchased the WAF service. Log in to the WAF Console, select Web Application Firewall > Defense settings in the left sidebar to enter the defense settings page, and click the domain name you want to protect.
    2. Select the Basic Settings tab, and click Choose Blocked Region in the lower right corner to enter the configuration page.
    3. Check the boxes for the regions in China you want to block. For other regions, you can select them by searching or with a drop-down list. Then, click Confirm.
    4. Once completed, region blocking will be enabled instantly.
    5. Now requests from the blocked regions will not be able to access your website. For example, if you block all regions outside China, when an IP from outside China attempts to visit your WAF-protected website, WAF will notify the requester that the request has been blocked with an error page as shown below:

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