Step 2. Bind Domain Name to CLB Instance

Last updated: 2020-08-18 17:33:47
  1. Log in to the WAF Console and select Web Application Firewall > Protection Settings on the left sidebar to enter the protection settings page.

  2. On the protection settings page, click CLB WAF to enter the CLB WAF protection settings page. In the domain name list, click Add Domain Name to enter the domain name adding page.

  3. On the domain name adding page, enter the domain name to be protected; then, click Next to enter the listener selection page.


    The entered domain name must be the same as that added in the CLB listener configuration.

  4. On the listener selection page, select the CLB instance and listener configured in Step 1. Confirm CLB Configuration to complete binding.

  5. After the binding is completed, click Complete below to return to the domain name list, where you can view the protected domain name and the ID, name, VIP, and listener information of the CLB instance.