Supported Regions

Last updated: 2022-01-14 11:29:10

You can select a WAF type and region according to the deployment method and region of your business. WAF currently supports service in the following regions:

WAF Type Supported Regions
  • South China: Guangzhou
  • East China: Shanghai
  • North China: Beijing
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Southeast Asia: Singapore
  • Northeast Asia: Seoul
  • Western US: Silicon Valley
  • South Asia: Mumbai
  • Southeast Asia: Bangkok, Singapore
  • Northeast Asia: Seoul
  • Europe: Frankfurt

  • More supported regions are coming soon. For region updates, please see WAF console. We recommend selecting the WAF region in which your server is located for less delay.
  • CLB WAF supports binding IPv6 CLB instances to protect IPv6 websites. If you want to use IPv6 web protection, please make sure that the selected region supports IPv6 CLB instances and IPv6 web deployment has been completed.
  • IPv6 CLB instances currently support main regions. The supported regions are subject to the ones on the CLB purchase page. For more information on IPv6 CLB, please see Getting Started with IPv6 CLB.