WAF Release Notes

Last updated: 2021-01-26 14:34:20

    October, 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Dedicated editionWAF supports the dedicated edition of resources for web and API security protection service customization needs of VIP customers.October 27, 2020Purchase Guide
    Brand new attack log query featureWAF supports a CLS-based brand new attack log query feature.October 27, 2020-

    September, 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    WAF automatic connectivity checkWAF supports automatic domain name connectivity check and troubleshooting to guarantee high availability of origin servers, clusters, and certificates, etc. for a better user experience.September 12, 2020-

    July, 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    CLB WAF is supported in regions outside the Chinese mainlandCLB WAF cleansing mode is released in various regions such as Asia and Europe. IPv6 protection is supported.July 28, 2020Supported Regions
    Download of millions of log entriesThe attack log feature is upgraded to support downloading millions of log entries.July 28, 2020-

    June, 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Rule engine optimizationThe brand new inspection bypass rule engine is introduced to all regions, improving web attack inspection capabilities.June 17, 2020-
    Secure Content Delivery Network (SCDN)SCDN is co-released by WAF and CDN, empowering partial CDN nodes with WAF protection capabilities.June 4, 2020-

    May, 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Integration with Cloud Monitor (CM)WAF is integrated with CM, supporting alarm configurations of QPS, web attacks, CC attacks, and WAF status codes (4XX and 5XX) through CM.May 17, 2020-
    API 3.0WAF API 3.0 is released for you to use all WAF features via API calls. If you want to use it, please contact us.May 11, 2020-

    April, 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    AI engine optimizationThe performance and algorithm of the AI engine are upgraded, supporting a brand new inspection bypass scheme.April 27, 2020AI Engine

    March, 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Attack overview optimizationIn the attack overview, domain names can be sorted by the number of web attacks and CC attacks suffered.March 15, 2020-
    Access log optimizationThe statistical numbers of access log usage and total access can be collected.March 15, 2020Access Log

    January, 2020

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    • Integrating with CLB clusters to separate the forwarding and security protection of CLB instances, WAF offers bypass inspections for CLB HTTP and HTTPS traffic and syncs threat status to protect web security.
    • Cleansing mode beta is released in Nanjing, and the mirror mode beta is released in Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai.
    January 15, 2020Step 1. Confirm CLB Configuration

    December, 2019

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Webshell detectionWAF releases an independent webshell detection engine.December 22, 2019-
    BOT 2.0
    • BOT overview and details are optimized, delivering better information display, easier query method, and more detailed BOT records.
    • BOT detection capabilities and defense policies are enhanced, supporting various detection dimensions such as protocols, IP intelligence, and custom sessions to facilitate malicious BOT detection and prevention.
    • The decision-making of BOT policies is more intelligent, as decisions can take effect in real time without being determined by WAF custom policies. The time when a policy takes effect can be specified, CAPTCHA and redirect are supported.
    December 9, 2019Bot Overview

    September, 2019

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    QPS package and log service packageQPS extension packages and security log service packages can be purchased as needed for business capacity expansion.September 18, 2019Purchase Guide
    Non-standard portsNon-standard ports of the enterprise edition and ultimate edition are supported, and non-standard port customization is supported for the ultimate edition.September 18, 2019-

    August, 2019

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Log serviceWAF can record website access logs and retain them for 6 months, and it supports querying and downloading access logs of the last 30 days to meet cybersecurity classified protection and compliance needs.August 9, 2019Access Log
    Smart CC protectionAutomatic CC attack defense policies can be generated based on the data derived from website history, abnormal user access, and origin server load.August 9, 2019CC Protection Settings
    Reinforced regional blocking capabilitiesWAF supports blocking requests from 219 countries and regions outside the Chinese mainland.August 9, 2019Region Blocking
    Blocking information page customizationWAF supports customizing blocking information pages. If you want to use it, please contact us.August 9, 2019-