Last updated: 2020-07-09 17:45:21

    Full-Lifecycle API Management

    • API Gateway provides management features throughout API lifecycle from creation, configuration, modification, testing, and launch to operation and deactivation.
    • It provides three environments, namely, testing, pre-release, and release, for easier API publishing and allows rollback of the specified environment to a specific version at any time.

    API Traffic Control

    • API Gateway offers accurate traffic control to help you configure traffic for API services as needed.
    • It supports request filtering and control at the second level to avoid overload of backend business caused by traffic surges.

    API Security

    • API Gateway supports HTTPS for Tencent Cloud sub-domain names and external domain names to ensure secure API communications.
    • It supports secure and reliable user authentication based on SecretId and SecretKey.

    API Monitoring

    • API Gateway can monitor API calls in real time and provide multidimensional traffic and error rate analysis to facilitate stable and secure API services.