Last updated: 2020-02-24 10:21:53


API Management Throughout Lifecycle

  • Covers the complete lifecycle management functions of API creation, configuration, modification, testing, Activate, operation and deactivate.
  • Provides three stages-testing, pre-publishing and publishing-for an easier API publishing and allows rollback of the specified stage to a specific version at any time.

API Traffic Throttling

  • Provides accurate traffic throttling to allow you to configure traffic for API services as needed.
  • Supports request filtering and control in seconds to avoid overload of backend service caused by traffic spikes.

API Security

  • Supports HTTPS for Tencent Cloud sub-domain names and customers' domain names to ensure the secure communication of APIs.
  • Supports secure and reliable user authentication with secretid + secretkey.

API Monitoring

  • Monitors API calls in real time and provides multi-dimensional traffic and error rate analysis to ensure consistent and secure API services.