Serve publish and deactivate

Last updated: 2020-02-14 13:37:46


Operation scene

After completing the configuration of API in the service, you can start publish. The system will take the system time as publish record to facilitate publish rollback as needed.

Operation step

Serve publish

  1. Log in [ API Gateway console ], click Left sidebar Service .
  2. On the service list page, select the service name that requires publish, and click [publish] in the operation column.
  1. Choose publish environment. Currently, three environments are supported: testing, pre-publish and publish.
  2. Click [submit] to invoke the service.

Serve deactivate

After a specific environment publish, if you need to cancel publish, you can click [deactivate] in the operation of the environmental management interface. After serving deactivate, Access will not be able to serve in this environment. If the service is not publish in an environment, it cannot be deactivate.