Post-Release Access

Last updated: 2020-09-11 11:05:46

    Operation Scenarios

    After a service is published, you can access APIs in it through its subdomain names or the bound custom domain name.


    A service provides two forms of subdomain names: http://{your-unique-id}.{region} and http://{service-id}-{your-unique-id}.{region} The following uses the former as an example:

    After the release, depending on the release environment, the access path of a specific API is like http://{your-unique-id}.{region}

    For example, if your user ID is 123456789, and you have created a service named register in the Guangzhou region (gz) with a service ID of service-n904iiau, added an API with the path of /user to it, and published it in the release environment, then when another user or application needs to access the /user API, the correct access path should be