Notes on Overdue Payment

Last updated: 2021-04-13 16:13:02

    Billing Cycle

    The billable items and corresponding billing cycles for API Gateway are as listed below:

    Billable Item Billing Cycle
    Calls By hour
    Traffic -

    Viewing Billing Details

    1. Log in to the Tencent Cloud console.
    2. Click Billing Center in the top-right corner to enter the Billing Center overview page.
    3. On the left sidebar, click Bills > Bill Details to enter the bill details page.
    4. Click Bill Details at the top of the page and select API Gateway to view the detailed bill for the API Gateway product.

    This document describes only the general steps for viewing consumption details. For more information on bills, please see Bill Management.

    Overdue Payment and Service Suspension

    • You can continue to use the API Gateway service within 24 hours (inclusive) after your account has overdue payment.
    • If you fail to pay the past due charges within 24 hours, your APIs will be suspended, and we will notify your Tencent Cloud account creator and all the collaborators through email and SMS.
    • Within 180 days after the service is suspended, if you pay the past due charges, the service will be automatically resumed; otherwise, API Gateway will have the right to clear your API configuration information and destroy your data.
    • Once you receive the payment overdue reminder, please go to Billing Center > Payment to pay the past due charges as soon as possible to prevent your business from being affected.
    • If you have any questions about bills, you can view and check your consumption details on the Resource Bill page in the console.
    • If you have any questions about the billable items, please see Billing Overview for more information on billable items and billing rules.
    • You can also configure alarms for overdue payment through the balance alarm feature in the Billing Center.