Unbind Custom Domain Name from Service

Last updated: 2019-09-23 11:50:51


API Description

This API (UnBindSubDomain) is used to unbind a custom domain name.
After you have bound a custom domain name to a service using API Gateway, this API can be used if you want to unbind it.

Input Parameters

The list below contains only the API request parameters. Other parameters can be found in Common Request Parameters.

Parameter Name Required Type Description
serviceId Yes String Unique service ID
subDomain Yes String Custom domain name to be unbound

Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
code Int Common error code. 0: success; other values: failure. For more information, see Common Error Codes
codeDesc String Description of the action status. When the action has succeeded, "Success" is returned. When the action has failed, a message describing the cause of the error is returned.
message String API-related module error message description.


&<Common Request Parameter>

Below is a sample return:

    "code": "0",
    "message": "",
    "codeDesc": "Success"