Use Limits

Last updated: 2019-08-21 15:01:12


The use limits of API Gateway for a single tenant are as below:

Category Limits
Number of services per single tenant 50
Number of APIs per service 200
Number of custom domain names per service 5
Number of usage plans per single tenant 200
Number of key pairs per single tenant 400
Number of keys that can be bound per usage plan 50
Number of usage plans that can be bound per single key pair 10
Maximum QPS that can be configured per usage plan 2000
Number of APIs that can be bound to usage plan 10000个
Maximum QPS supported per service 5000
  • In the shared cluster of API Gateway, a single service can support up to 5000 QPS, and this limit cannot be increased.
  • If you have higher QPS requirements, please submit a ticket to activate the optimized cluster service of API Gateway.