Real-time service log

Last updated: 2020-02-14 13:00:16


Operation scene

In the Tencent Cloud API Gateway console, you can view the log of requests for API gateway services.

Operation step

  1. Login API Gateway console In the left navigation, select [ Service ].
  2. On the service list page, click the service name to go to the details page of the service.
  3. Select "Service Log" to open the log interface of the service.
  4. You can find the service log according to your actual needs.

Time period

  • The real-time service log feature supports viewing real-time logs, nearly 3 hours of logs, and the time range for users to customize the time range for searching logs.
  • The real-time service log feature supports finding logs within nearly 30 days.
  • The interval between searching logs at a time cannot exceed 1 day.

Conditional query

Currently, Tencent Cloud API Gateway console supports querying real-time service logs based on RequestID, API ID and keywords.

  • RequestID: users enter the complete RequestID,API gateway of a request and return the log information corresponding to the RequestID within the time range. It is not supported to input part of the RequestID for fuzzy matching.
  • API ID: users enter the complete API ID,API gateway of a API under the current service to return all the log information of the API within the time range. It is not supported to input part of the API ID for fuzzy matching.
  • Keywords: the user enters keywords, and the API gateway returns log information with fields that exactly match the keywords in all logs within the time range.
  • In the same query, multiple conditions can be queried according to three query conditions, but there can only be one for each of the three query conditions.
  • If the user does not select the query condition, the query is conducted by keyword by default.