Permission Management

Last updated: 2020-02-14 13:00:18


Operation scene

In the Tencent Cloud Access management console, the main account can configure sub-accounts or Permission, services and API resources commonly operated by collaborators on the API gateway.

Operation step

Permission management of sub-accounts or collaborators (non-tagged resources)

  1. Log in to the main account [ Access Management console ] > [ Policy ].
  2. On the policy list page, click "Create Custom Policy" in the upper left corner.
  3. In the Create policy pop-up window, select "create by Policy Builder".
  1. Enter customizes the policy information, and then click * * add statement * * and * * next * * to go to the edit policy page.
  • Effect: allow
  • Service: API Gateway
  • Actions: select the actions involved
  • Resources: when Enter's content is all resources, it can be written as * If only part of the resources are involved, you can refer to the Resource description mode Enter.
  1. Enter policy name, and edit the policy content (for more information, please refer to Policy Syntax ).
  2. Click "create Policy" to complete the policy creation.
  3. Bind the created policy to a user or user group (for more information, please see Through policy Associate user / user group ).

Permission management of sub-accounts or collaborators (tag resources)

Tagging ability is the unified ability of Tencent Cloud. You can set the same tag for different resources of different products on Tencent Cloud and the same operation for a set of tags, Permission.

Configuring tag-based management Permission is the same as configuring non-tag management Permission Entry, in [ Cloud Access Management (CAM) ] > [ Policy ], Create [according to tag authorization] policy. For more information, please see Authorize by tag .

  1. Log in [ API Gateway console ] > [ Service ].
  2. On the service list page, click the service name to go to the "API Management" page.
  3. Click API's ID, to go to the API details page.
  4. On the API details page, click the pen button at the bottom of the page to modify the tag.