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Last updated: 2020-04-01 17:51:46

    Billing Description

    AIA is billed by two parts. The detailed description is as follows.

    Accelerated traffic fees

    The traffic generated by an Anycast EIP is called accelerated traffic, which is billed by bandwidth at a unit price higher than that of common public network traffic. The accelerated traffic under an account is billed based on monthly 95th percentile by either the outgoing or incoming traffic (whichever is higher) in USD/Mbps/month as shown below:

    Server RegionPublic Ingress/Egress Region
    Mainland China Asia Pacific North America Europe
    Mainland China 18.86 29.33 29.33 29.33
    Asia Pacific 29.33 18.86 18.86 18.86
    North America 29.33 18.86 18.86 18.86
    Europe 29.33 18.86 18.86 18.86

    95th percentile: it is calculated on the basis of a calendar month. In a calendar month, valid bandwidth values are taken once every 5 minutes and sorted in a descending order, the highest 5% ones are discarded, and the remaining highest value will be used as the monthly 95th percentile bandwidth value for billing.
    Assume that all the bandwidth value points in a month of 30 days are valid. There is 1 value point in every 5 minutes and 12 ones in an hour. The number of value points in a month is 12 * 24 * 30 = 8640. Sort all of them in a descending order and discard the highest 5% ones, i.e., 8640 * 5% = 432 value points. Fees will be billed based on the 433rd value point.

    Anycast EIP resource occupation fees

    An Anycast EIP is a type of EIP. If it is not bound to an instance, resource occupation fees will be charged. For more information, please see Idle fee in the billing module.

    Billing Example

    User A purchased multiple Anycast EIPs under an account. The traffic generated by such Anycast EIPs in a certain month under the account is aggregated, and monthly 95th percentile is performed to calculate the traffic usage and price as follows:

    Server Region Public Ingress/Egress Region Bandwidth Usage (Mbps) Price (USD/Mbps/Month)
    Asia Pacific North America 10 18.86
    Asia Pacific Mainland China 100 29.33
    Europe North America 200 18.86
    Asia Pacific Asia Pacific 300 18.86

    Final fees = 10 * 18.86 + 100 * 29.33 + 200 * 18.86 + 300 * 18.86 = 12551.60 USD

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