Purchase Guide

Last updated: 2019-03-29 11:09:20



Anycast Internet Acceleration (AIA) billing consists of the following two parts.

Accelerating Traffic Fee

Accelerating traffic is the traffic generated by an Anycast EIP. Accelerating traffic is billed by bandwidth and its unit price is higher than general public networks. The 95th percentile billing method is used to remove account's top 5%, and fees are charged by the inbound or outbound traffic (whichever is greater) at 24.71 USD/Mbps/month.

The 95th percentile billing method: It is billed monthly. Valid average bandwidth values are taken every 5 minutes in a calendar month, and then sorted in a descending order. The highest 5% of the values get removed, and the next highest value is the monthly billable 95th percentile bandwidth peak.
For example, suppose a certain month has 30 days and all values taken are valid. Bandwidth values are taken every 5 minutes, so there are 12 values taken in an hour, and 12 * 24 * 30 = 8640 values in a month. All values are being sorted in a descending order, with the top 5% values removed (8640 * 5% = 432). The 433th value should be the billable value.

Anycast EIP Idle Fee

Anycast EIP is a type of EIP. Idle fee will be charged if there are no instances bound to it. For details, see the Idle Fee section in the billing documentation.

Billing Example

User A purchased a number of Anycast EIPs under one account. The calculation for the 95th percentile billing method is performed on the total traffic generated by such EIPs. If the billable bandwidth value is 86.5 Mbps, multiply it by the unit price (24.71USD/Mbps/month), and the final total price is USD2,137.415 (Beta version discounts are not taken into consideration).