Purchase Guide

Last updated: 2020-02-21 22:31:10


Billing Description

Tencent Cloud Anycast public network acceleration service charges two parts cost, which will be introduced in detail below.

Accelerate Traffic cost

Traffic, who is generated by Anycast elastic public network IP, is called accelerated Traffic. We charge Traffic for acceleration by bandwidth, and the unit price is higher than that of ordinary public network. After eliminating the peak by 95% according to the total flow curve of accelerating Traffic under an account, you will be charged in the direction of outbound and inbound. The specific price (in $USD/Mbps/ month) is as follows:

Server location regionPublic network entrance and exit region
Mainland China Asia-Pacific region North America Europe
Mainland China 18.86 29.33 29.33 29.33
Asia-Pacific region 29.33 18.86 18.86 18.86
North America 29.33 18.86 18.86 18.86
Europe 29.33 18.86 18.86 18.86

95 peak elimination method: settle according to the natural month. Within a natural month, the effective bandwidth value every 5 minutes is arranged in descending order, and then the point with the highest bandwidth value of 5% is removed, and the remaining maximum bandwidth is the peak billing value of 95th Percentile.
Taking 30 days of a month as an example, the default is valid value points: 1 bandwidth value point every 5 minutes, 12 value points per hour, and 12 × 24 × 30 = 8640 points per month. All points are arranged in descending order according to the bandwidth value. Remove the first 5% points 8640 × 5% = 432 points, that is, the 433rd point is the billing point.

Resource occupancy fee of Anycast Elastic Public Network IP

Anycast Elastic Public Network IP is a kind of Elastic Public Network IP. If no instance is bound, a resource occupancy fee will be charged. For more information, please see the IP Resource cost Related content.

Pricing Sample

User A purchased multiple Anycast Elastic Public Network IP, under one account. For Traffic generated by Anycast Elastic Public Network IP in a certain month under this account, the bandwidth usage and price after aggregation and 95% peak elimination are as follows:

The region where the server is located The area where the entrance and exit of the public network is located Bandwidth usage (unit: Mbps)) Price (unit: $USD/Mbps/ month)
Asia-Pacific region North America 10 18.86
Asia-Pacific region Mainland China 100 29.33
Europe North America 200 18.86
Asia-Pacific region Asia-Pacific region 300 18.86

Final charge = 10 × 18.86 + 100 × 29.33 + 200 × 18.86 + 300 × 18.86 = 12551.6 ($USD)