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Last updated: 2020-02-24 12:37:56

Creating Anycast EIP

  1. Log in to EIP Console and click Apply.
  2. Select the region, bandwidth cap, quantity according to your actual needs; select Accelerated IP according to the IP address type. Click OK to create an Anycast EIP.

Binding Backend Resources

Log in to EIP Console and select More>Bind to bind specified resources – we take CVM as an example in this document.

Connecting to the Internet Using Accelerated EIP

After logging in to the bound backend resource, you can connect to the internet through the accelerated EIP and use AIA. Since the CVM in this document is bound, you can use AIA after logging in to the CVM.

Other Common Operations

Configuring Anycast EIP

Adjusting Bandwidth

Log in to the EIP Console, select the desired EIP from the EIP list, and then click Adjust Bandwidth.

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