Billing of On-Cloud MixTranscoding

Last updated: 2021-09-13 11:46:26

    Usage Calculation

    TRTC calculates your usage of the relaying and transcoding service by adding up the durations of the streams output by all applications under your account via the mixtranscoding MCU cluster. There are two types of durations: video duration and audio duration.


    A duration is calculated in seconds and daily cumulative seconds are converted to minutes for billing. A duration of less than one minute is calculated as one minute.

    Video duration

    A video duration refers to the duration containing video images in a transcoding result. Videos are categorized by resolution as follows and billed accordingly:

    Category Output Resolution
    SD ≤ 640 × 480
    HD 640 × 480 - 1280 × 720
    FHD > 1280 × 720
    • If a segment of a transcoding result contains both video and audio, you will only pay for the video duration.
    • A transcoded stream may contain video segments of different resolutions. TRTC checks the resolution at regular intervals (usually every 60 seconds) and updates its calculation when detecting a change in the resolution.

    Audio duration

    An audio duration refers to the duration containing only audio in a transcoding result.


    The TRTC On-Cloud MixTranscoding service is priced as follows:

    Codec Item Unit Price (USD/min)
    Audio codec Relaying and transcoding-audio 0.000799
    H.264 Relaying and transcoding-H.264-SD 0.00228571
    H.264 Relaying and transcoding-H.264-HD 0.00464286
    H.264 Relaying and transcoding-H.264-FHD 0.00899

    Billing Mode

    TRTC On-Cloud MixTranscoding supports only daily pay-as-you-go. Fees for a day are deducted at 10 AM the next day.

    Billing Example


    The below example uses list prices. If you have signed a Tencent Cloud contract, prices specified in the contract will apply.

    Assume that, on January 1, you used TRTC’s MCU cluster for On-Cloud MixTranscoding and output 1920 × 1080 and 640 × 360 videos of 100 minutes each using the H.264 codec, plus audio of 100 minutes using the audio codec.


    • Video with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 falls under the FHD category and is therefore charged 0.00899 USD/min.
    • Video with a resolution of 640 × 360 falls under the HD category and is therefore charged 0.00464286 USD/min.
    • Audio is charged 0.000799 USD/min.

    That means on January 2, you would be charged 0.00899 USD/min × 100 min + 0.00464286 USD/min × 100 min + 0.000799 USD/min × 100 min = 2.16 USD.