Last updated: 2021-09-01 15:44:20

    The TRTC console allows you to configure and manage your TRTC services via features including Usage Statistics, Monitoring Dashboard, Development Assistance, Package Management, and Application Management.


    Click Overview on the left sidebar to view your usage duration of the month and duration trends in the last 30 days. You can also use the shortcut buttons on the page to view related documents and go to sections including Demo Quick Run, Application Management, and Monitoring Dashboard.

    Usage Statistics

    Cumulative duration of the month

    This section shows your cumulative usage of TRTC services of the month, including audio duration, SD video duration, HD video duration, and FHD video duration.

    To view more usage details, click View More in the top right to visit the Usage Statistics section. For more information, see Usage Statistics.

    This section shows your usage (measured in minutes) of TRTC services in the last 30 days. You can mouse over the graph to view the usage of a specific day.

    Package Overview

    This section shows you package usage. You can view information including package ID, package type, package name, package duration, remaining duration, creation time, end time, and status.

    • If the status of your package is In Use, you can click Alarm Settings to enable Remaining Usage Alarm.

    • To purchase a package, click Purchase Package to visit the TRTC general package purchase page.


      Before purchasing a package, make sure that you are aware of the billing standards. For details, please see Billing Overview.

    • To manage your packages, click Package Management. For details, please see [Package Management]


    **Documents** You can learn about different features of TRTC by reading the documents in this section.
    **TRTC Demo Quick Run** This takes you to the demo run page, where you can download and run the TRTC demo by following the steps in Demo Quick Start.
    **Monitoring Dashboard** This takes you to **Monitoring Dashboard** to view call quality details and the call status of users. For more information, see Monitoring Dashboard.
    **Quick Management** This section lists the applications recently created in **Application Management**. For more information, see Application Management.