Quick Start

Last updated: 2021-06-03 17:37:26

    After creating an application, you can follow the steps in Quick Start to run the demo TRTC provides and get started quickly.


    1. Log in to the TRTC console, click Application Management, and find the application you want to mange.

    2. Click Application Info to go to the details page, and click the Quick Start tab.

    3. Download the SDK and demo source code that fit your needs.

    4. Click Copy Secret Key to copy the key for generating UserSig of the application.

    5. Decompress the downloaded source package, find and open Android/TRTCScenesDemo/debug/src/main/java/com/tencent/liteav/debug/GenerateTestUserSig.java, and paste the SDKAppID and key to the specified locations.