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Last updated: 2021-12-16 10:42:19

    Quick Introduction to TRTC

    Billing Plans

    TRTC offers two types of services: basic services and value-added services.

    Service TypeUse CaseBilling Details
    Basic services Interactive live audio streaming Billing of interactive live audio streaming
    Interactive live video streaming Billing of interactive live video streaming
    Audio call Billing of audio calls
    Video call Billing of video calls
    Value-added services On-cloud recording Billing of on-cloud recording
    On-Cloud MixTranscoding Billing of On-Cloud MixTranscoding

    Development Support

    Free Demos

    TRTC offers free demos for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Web, Electron, and Flutter. For details, see Free Demo.

    SDK download

    TRTC is one of Tencent Cloud’s LiteAV products. Because all LiteAV products use the same underlying modules, integrating more than one LiteAV SDK into the same project will result in a “duplicate symbol” error. For this, we provide different editions of the SDK, including Lite (TRTC), Professional, and Enterprise, which come with different capabilities. You can choose the one that fits your needs.

    Edition Description
    Lite (TRTC) The Lite Edition integrates the TRTC and live playback (TXLivePlayer) features only. It adds the least to the size of the app installation package and is suitable for clients who need TRTC features only.
    Professional The Professional Edition integrates multiple key video/audio features of Tencent Cloud, including TRTC, MLVB, UGSV, etc. This integrated edition adds less to the size of the app installation package than two independent SDKs do because many underlying modules are shared among the SDKs. It is also free of the duplicate symbol issue.
    Enterprise On top of all the features included in the Professional Edition, the Enterprise Edition integrates the AI beauty filter component (value-added service) and supports the use of the eye enlarging and face slimming filters, animated stickers, widgets, etc.

    See SDK Download for a comparison of the three editions.

    API integration

    Getting Started

    Demo quick start

    The TRTC console offers demo source code for different platforms. See the documents below for how to run the demos.

    Platform Document
    iOS and macOS Demo Quick Start (iOS & macOS)
    Android Demo Quick Start (Android)
    Windows Demo Quick Start (Windows)
    Web Demo Quick Start (Web)
    Electron Demo Quick Start (Electron)
    - Demo Quick Start (Flutter)

    SDK quick integration

    After downloading the TRTC SDK, you can integrate it into your project. For detailed instructions, see the documents below.

    Platform Document
    iOS SDK Quick Integration (iOS)
    macOS SDK Quick Integration (macOS)
    Android SDK Quick Integration (Android)
    Windows SDK Quick Integration (Windows)
    Web SDK Quick Integration (Web)
    Electron SDK Quick Integration (Electron)
    Flutter SDK Quick Integration (Flutter)

    Quick TWebLive run

    TRTC offers an all-inclusive free demo for the TWebLive component. See WebRTC-based Streaming for how to integrate the component.

    ##Scenario-specific Practice

    TRTC, along with other Tencent Cloud products, offers free demos for a wide range of live streaming scenarios.

    ScenarioSupported FeaturesDocument
    Group video call Co-anchoring, offline call answering, etc. Real-Time Video Call
    Group audio call Co-anchoring, offline call answering, etc. Real-Time Audio Call
    Interactive live streaming Co-anchoring, anchor competition, low-latency watch, on-screen comments, etc. Interactive Live Video Streaming
    Real-time interactive teaching Teaching modes: video, audio, screen sharing, etc.; interactions: asking questions, hand raising, inviting to speak, ending Q&A, etc. Real-Time Interactive Teaching
    Video conferencing Screen sharing, beauty filters, low-latency conferencing, etc. Video Conferencing
    Audio chat room Mic management, low-latency audio interaction, text chat, etc. Audio Chat Room

    Console Guide

    If you want to Please Read
    View your usage of TRTC’s audio/video interaction and on-cloud recording services Usage Statistics
    View call quality statistics of a TRTC room via the dashboard Dashboard
    Download the demo source code and have a quick run of the demo Demo Quick Run
    Generate a UserSig online or verify an existing UserSig UserSig Generation and Verification
    Create an application
    Enable relayed push, on-cloud recording or advanced permission control for an application Function Configuration
    Add a custom image to be set as the background displayed during on-cloud stream mixing Material Management
    Configure a callback key and address based on your actual needs Callback Configuration



    For more Q&As, please see FAQs.

    Feedback and Suggestion

    If you have any questions about TRTC, contact us via the following channels.

    • If your question is about documents, for example, the content or a link in the documents, click Help at the bottom right and then click Send Feedback to provide your feedback.
    • If you have questions about the product, please submit a ticket.