Enabling Pay-As-You-Go

Last updated: 2021-10-18 11:42:00

    This document describes how to enable pay-as-you-go for TRTC’s basic and value-added services.

    Basic Services

    Basic services include interactive live audio streaming, interactive live video streaming, audio call, and video call. You can enable the pay-as-you-go mode for them if necessary.

    Method 1: manually enabling pay-as-you-go in the console

    Enabling pay-as-you-go when creating your first application

    1. Activate TRTC, and go to Development Assistance > Demo Quick Run to create your first TRTC application.
    2. Enter an application name such as TestTRTC.
    3. Add or edit tags for your application if necessary, and click Create.
    4. In the pop-up window, select Do not suspend services. You can purchase a package to deduct the extra duration or switch to the pay-as-you-go mode.

    Enabling pay-as-you-go via the application list

    1. If you didn’t enable pay-as-you-go when creating your first application and now want TRTC to not suspend services for your account after your trial package is used up or expires, click Application Management to open the application list.
    2. Click Application Info in the Operation column.
    3. Under the Application Info tab, view the basic information of the application in the Application Info section.
    4. In the TRTC Service Status section, click Enable Pay-As-You-Go.

    Method 2: automatic switch to pay-as-you-go

    If you have purchased a general package, when the package is used up or expires, you will be automatically switched to the pay-as-you-go mode.


    If you overuse a package for TRTC basic services, the extra duration will be billed at pay-as-you-go rates. Once enabled, the pay-as-you-go mode cannot be disabled.

    Value-Added Services

    Value-added services are additional services TRTC offers on top of the four basic services and cannot be used separately. You will be charged additional fees for using the value-added services on-cloud recording and On-Cloud MixTranscoding. As value-added services support only daily pay-as-you-go, you don’t need to manually enable the mode.