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Last updated: 2022-01-28 14:45:07

Are there discounts for high-demand customers?

  • Regular discounts: The more minutes a package contains, the higher the discount. For example, you can purchase packages that contain 3 million or more minutes at a discount of 20%.
  • Contractual discounts: If your monthly spending on TRTC services exceeds 3,000 USD, you can contact us for contractual discounts.

How are TRTC services billed?

TRTC offers basic services and value-added services. For details about their billing, please see Billing Overview. New users are offered a 10,000-minute free trial.

How do I view my bills and transaction history?

You can view your bills and transaction history in Billing Center > Bill Details.

How do I view the details of my billable durations?

  • Real-time durations: You can find a usage graph and view your usage details in Usage Statistics of the TRTC console. If you select a single day, the page will show usage statistics on a 5-minute basis. If you select multiple days, it will show usage statistics on a daily basis. The statistics are accurate to the minute.
  • Billable durations: You can download an Excel file of your billable durations in Tencent Cloud’s billing center. The file shows your usage on a 5-minute as well as daily basis. The statistics are accurate to the second.

Real-time usage statistics may be slightly different from the durations you are actually billed for. In case of conflicts, the statistics in your bills shall apply.

How do I view the remaining minutes in my package?

Durations are deducted from your package in real time, and the number of remaining minutes in your package is updated every 5 minutes. You can view your remaining minutes in Package Management.

Given that billable durations are calculated in seconds and rounded up to the next minute, will more minutes than I actually use be deducted from my package?

No. Deductions are based on your cumulative usage in a day.
Below is an example of how deductions work:

Calculation Period Period Usage Cumulative Usage Cumulative Billable Duration Period Deduction Cumulative Deduction
00:00:00 - 00:04:59 30 sec 30 sec 1 min 1 min 1 min
00:05:00 - 00:09:59 20 sec 50 sec 1 min 0 min 1 min
00:10:00 - 00:14:59 40 sec 90 sec 2 min 1 min 2 min

Why are more minutes deducted from my newly purchased package than I actually use after the purchase?

Once a new package takes effect, durations that are generated after 00:00 of the day of purchase and haven’t been deducted will be deducted from the new package. You can view your usage on the day of purchase in Usage Statistics of the TRTC console.

Can I convert an audio/SD video/HD video package that I have purchased into a general package?

Yes, you can. The rules for conversion are as follows:

  • 1 min in an audio package = 1 min in a general package
  • 1 min in an SD video package = 2 min in a general package
  • 1 min in an HD video package = 4 min in a general package

Self-service conversion is not supported at the moment. If you want to convert your package, please submit a ticket.

Why am I unable to purchase a general package?

Currently, you must be on our allowlist to use TRTC services. Contact us to add your account to the allowlist.

How do I estimate my usage of TRTC services and the cost?

You can use the TRTC Price Calculator to estimate your usage and cost.

Why would a video call or video streaming session generate audio durations?

In most cases, if a user has subscribed to a stream, he or she would receive both audio and video data. However, in cases where the sender’s camera is turned off, the recipient has disabled remote video or encounters a network problem, or there is only one user in the room, the user would receive no video data. To reduce your expenses, TRTC bills a period during which a user does not receive video data as an audio duration.

How is screen sharing billed?

Screen sharing data is pushed as a separate video stream. If a user subscribed to the screen sharing stream and received screen sharing images in a period, the period would be billed as a video duration.

How is CDN relayed live streaming billed?

TRTC leverages the capabilities of CSS to relay streams to CDNs and enable CDN relayed live streaming. CSS charges you according to CDN Relayed Live Streaming > Billing.

Are fees charged if there is only one user in a room?

A room with only one user consumes TRTC’s resources, even if no streams are pushed (no upstream data). The only user in a room cannot subscribe to other users’ streams and therefore won’t receive video data. As a result, the duration is billed as an audio duration.

Why is my service status "Disabled"?

  • Overdue payments will lead to service suspension. The services will be resumed automatically after you make the payment.
  • If you manually disabled an application, you can click Enable Application to resume TRTC services for the application.
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