Products that Support Tags

Last updated: 2019-11-22 09:47:47


The Tencent Cloud products that support tags are listed as follows. Support types include support by console and support by cloud API:

  • Support by console: the console of the related product can support the management of tag information.
  • Support by cloud API: the cloud API of the related product supports passing tag parameters as input, such as by setting tags when creating resources or changing tags when modifying resources.

“✓” indicates that it is supported, and “-” indicates that it is not supported for now.

Product Resource Console Cloud API
Cloud Virtual Machine CVM Instance
Cloud Block Storage CBS Instance
Cloud Load Balancer CLB Instance
Cloud Object Storage Bucket -
Cloud Physical Machine CPM Instance
TencentDB for MySQL MySQL Instance
TencentDB for MongoDB MongoDB Instance -
TencentDB for Redis Redis Instance -
TencentDB for Memcached Memcached Instance -
Global Application Acceleration Platform Connection
Connection Group
Real Server
Elasticsearch Service Elasticsearch Cluster -
Web Application Firewall Web Application Firewall -
Live Video Broadcasting Domain Name -
Content Delivery Network Domain Name -
Serverless Cloud Function Function -
Message Queue CKafka Ckafka Instance -
Cloud Message Queue Queue, Topic -
Instant Messaging Application -
Game Multimedia Engine Application -