Services That Support Tag

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    Service NameResource
    Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM)
  • CVM instance
  • SSH key
  • Container

    Service NameResource
    Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE) TKE cluster


    Service NameResource
    Cloud Object Storage (COS) Bucket
    Cloud File Storage (CFS) File system
    Cloud Block Storage (CBS) CBS instance


    Service NameResource
    Cloud Load Balancer (CLB) CLB instance
    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) 1 VPC instance
    Direct Connect (DC)
  • Connection
  • Dedicated tunnel
  • Dedicated internet tunnel
  • Direct Connect gateway
  • Note:

    1Subnet, route table, VPN Gateway, Elastic Network Interface (ENI), Customer Gateway, Elastic IP (EIP), Bandwidth Package (BWP), security group, Cloud Connect Network (CCN), NAT Gateway, Flow Logs, traffic mirror, and Direct Connect Gateway in VPC all support tags.

    CDN and Acceleration

    Service NameResource
    Content Delivery Network (CDN) Domain name
    Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP)
  • Connection
  • Connection group
  • Real server
  • Database

    Service NameResource
    TencentDB for MySQL TencentDB for MySQL instance
    TencentDB for MariaDB TencentDB for MariaDB instance
    TencentDB for TDSQL TencentDB for TDSQL instance
    TencentDB for MongoDB TencentDB for MongoDB instance
    TencentDB for TcaplusDB
  • Cluster
  • Table
  • Data Transmission Service (DTS)
  • Migration task
  • Subscription instance
  • Serverless

    Service NameResource
    Serverless Cloud Function (SCF) Function

    Cloud Communication

    Service NameResource
    Instant Messaging (IM) IM application
    Short Message Service (SMS) SMS application

    Video Services

    Service NameResource
    Live Video Broadcasting (LVB)
  • Domain name
  • Live director
  • TRTC TRTC application


    Service NameResource
    Message Queue CKafka Ckafka instance
    Tencent Cloud Message Queue (CMQ)
  • Queue
  • Topic
  • Network Security

    Service NameResource
    Anti-DDoS Basic
  • Multi-IP instance
  • Anti-DDoS Advanced
  • Application Security

    Service NameResource
    Web Application Firewall (WAF) WAF

    Big Data Platform

    Service NameResource
    Elasticsearch Service (ES) ES cluster
    Elastic MapReduce (EMR)
  • EMR instance
  • EMR node
  • Gaming Services

    Game Multimedia Engine (GME) Application

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