API Category

Last updated: 2020-08-07 10:46:11

Read APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeResourceTags Queries tags associated with resource
DescribeResourceTagsByResourceIds Querying Tags Associated with a Resource
DescribeResourceTagsByResourceIdsSeq Views tags associated with resource in sequence
DescribeResourceTagsByTagKeys Gets resource tags based on tag keys
DescribeResourcesByTags Queries resources by tags
DescribeResourcesByTagsUnion Queries resource list by tags
DescribeTagKeys Querying Tag Keys
DescribeTagValues Querying Tag Values
DescribeTagValuesSeq Queries tag values in sequence
DescribeTags Querying Tag Lists
DescribeTagsSeq Queries tag lists in sequence

Write APIs

API Name Feature
AddResourceTag Associating Resources and Tags
AttachResourcesTag Associates tag with resources in batches
CreateTag Creating Tags
DeleteResourceTag Unassociating Resources and Tags
DeleteTag Deleting Tags
DetachResourcesTag Unbinds tag from resources in batches
ModifyResourceTags Batch Modifying Tags Associated with a Resource
ModifyResourcesTagValue Modifies tag value associated with resources in batches
UpdateResourceTagValue Modifying Resource Tag Values