Product Overview

Last updated: 2020-02-26 18:43:44


What is Tencent Cloud Bandwidth Package?

Shared bandwidth package (BWP) is a billing method of multi-IP aggregation, which can greatly reduce the public network cost. When the peak of public network Traffic is distributed in different periods of time, bandwidth aggregation billing can be realized by sharing bandwidth packets, which greatly reduces the public network cost.
The shared bandwidth package provides a variety of billing methods, such as monthly TOP5 billing and monthly 95 billing, to meet your different business scenarios.

Product Types

Tencent Cloud has two types of accounts, and the two types of accounts support different types of broadband packages:

  • Accounts billed by traffic on CVM can use only device bandwidth packages.
    Device Bandwidth Package applies to an account that specifies the public network capacity (bandwidth cap) and billing method (bill-by-traffic or bill-by-bandwidth) of a CVM instance when creating it, with public IP address and CLB acting only as public network egress. This kind of BWP is referred to as "Device BWP".
  • Accounts billed by traffic on IP can use only IP bandwidth packages.
    IP bandwidth package: the account settled by public network cost on public network IP or CLB, that is, the account that specifies the public network capacity (upper limit of bandwidth) and billing method (Bill-by-traffic, Bill-by-bandwidth) when creating IP or CLB instances. This kind of bandwidth package is collectively referred to as "IP bandwidth package".

An account only supports one of the above types of bandwidth packages. To determine your account method and the type of bandwidth packets supported, see Distinguish the type of account .

  • Account attributes are determined by the time the account was created. Tencent Cloud will not modify your account attributes.
  • Accounts with non-bandwidth upstream can be submitted. Submit a Ticket To a bandwidth up account, but a bandwidth up account cannot be converted to a non-bandwidth up account.

Support resources

Device BWPs

The types of resources supported by Device's bandwidth package are Cloud Virtual Machine and Cloud Load Balancer.


The types of resources supported by the IP bandwidth package are: ordinary public network IP, elastic public network IP (binding Cloud Virtual Machine and NAT gateways are supported), and Cloud Load Balancer.