Product Features

Last updated: 2019-12-03 20:16:35


Tencent Cloud Bandwidth Package (BWP) can greatly reduce your Internet access costs through the following features:

Multi-IP Aggregated Billing

BWP makes it possible to bill the bandwidth of multiple IP addresses at the same time in an aggregated manner, so that the bandwidth of all devices in the entire region can be aggregated into a total bandwidth for billing.

Multiple Billing Methods

BWP offers various billing methods such as prepaid traffic, billing based on top 5 monthly peaks, and 95th percentile charging.

Central Device Management

After a large number of devices are added to BWP, only the upper bandwidth limit and billing method of BWP need to be managed.

Monitoring Data at Various Granularities

BWP can display usage data by each package and at multiple levels in the package such as minute, hour, and day.

Itemized Billing

BWP bills are itemized by resource. In this way, total costs are broken down into various items based on the bandwidth resource usage by each item.